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Absolutely terrible; requested no mushrooms due to a fungus intolerance and received mushrooms. Requested a replacement or refund but was only offered 50% off a new purchase after MUCH arguing and persistence. Rude owners. Emailed corporate and did not receive a response. Would have at least expected a reprimand for the store owner and a gift card equivalent to the sandwich value. Good customer service is a dying rarity in North America. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Feb 25
  • #797410

The man working was very unfriendly and looked like he didn't want to be there, when he came from the back the place filed with the smell of cigarettes. But the young lady working was very friendly and polite.

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  • From mobile
  • Oct 11, 2015
  • #714295

At the Baltimore Airport location. Worse service ever! Asked for a ham cheese and egg sandwich. Received bread with 2 slices of thin ham and one cheese. Very poor quality food. I dont usially eat out but was looking for a better alternative to a mcDS but after this experience i would never choose a quiznos again.

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I do to know what the guacamole comes in but the guacamole in my sanwhich had a horrible plastic taste toy whole sandwich tasted like plastic worst thing I've ever eaten Read more

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Hi We visited your restaurant in whitby last night for a treat .instead of cooking and staying home. This morning myself and my husdand became very sick. I'm vomiting and he well... .he hasn't been able to get off the toilet this morning. This is the second time we have had food poisoning from this Quiznos restaurant. Not to mention your male employee could not speak English. When my husband asked for the combo. Which is a drink and a bowl ... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 05, 2015
  • #695046

Noisy , had repeat myself, only onion, tomato and lettuce, dressing should go on last as not to make bread soggy, dont toast lettuce ! Kills the crunch Overall very poor experience

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I asked pulled pork sandwich without onion to go... from Quizno's denison and woodbine location.... when i was asking my sandwich she was already fighting with onother customer... I smile to the cistomer because he was right.. after some time i get my sandwich and left..when i get my *** i was thinking she made a mistake because i got big chicken pice... I didnt mind I was far from quizno ... second *** was awful, i've got lots of onion in one... Read more

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  • Jul 07, 2015
  • #662296

First you got rid of the chicken Alfredo Sammy and now they're gone all together. Wtf. Did somebody named Sam get offended? The only difference now between you and subway is the spelling of the name.

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I had bad service at one the stores I am listing. I spent around $30.00 dollars on my debt card. When I walked in there was no one at the service place. I said anyone home. Then person came out who says he owns the place. I had 3 orders, wanted to use 3 coupons for what I was getting. For different people. Had to be there a long time while he made the food. I have used more than 1 coupon when making 3 orders. As I said it was a bad... Read more

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I went into Quiznos already at low expectations and even lower standards. What I saw when I walked in completely blew my mind, it something you could reach out and pull out of a nightmare. The whole restraint smelled of sulfur and broken dreams. Some that were mine. All I wanted was a ham and cheese sand which, toasted at 20.5 degrees Celsius, with PAPRIKA. you know what they didn't have? PAPRIKA. Or at least that's what they said but believe me... Read more

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