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So me and my mom went to Quiznos for lunch today, and ordered some salads, and the service was the WORST EVER! I ordered from the choose two menu, which was falsely advertised.

It said Pick from any sub, salad, soup, or wrap. I asked if I could get the mesquite chicken, and the ladies response was "We only serve turkey, or roast beef for the choose two" So I was like okay, whatever, I'll get the turkey. So I kindly said turkey will do. And I got the harvest chicken salad.

My mother ordered a small cob salad. They asked if she would like cheese on her salad, and she said yes. And of course on my salad they added pumpkin seeds, cranberries, tomatoes, and grapes. All of this covered the lettuce.

We paid, added two drinks, and it came out to around 14 dollars. We sat down to eat, and she got a piece of lettuce only to discover the lettuce was spoiled and brown. So was mine. We brought this up to them, and with an attitude the lady said, "We don't cut the lettuce, we just open up a bag of it and serve it as is." My mom said "It's awfully high for a small salad that is spoiled, and I don't want to get sick" The lettuce was brown!!!, and they didn't offer to do anything about it, or offer us anything else.

So we sat there, my mom didn't really want to have any more of this, but we stayed and picked around the lettuce to find anything good of it, and one of the ladies started talking in spanish with the cashier about a salad. They didn't start speaking in spanish, or about a salad until my mom complained about the lettuce being spoiled. So my mother let her know that she can speak spanish, and does not appreciate if they are talking about us. That lady went ballistic.

She started yelling at my mom, and so did the cashier, and she screamed "I was talking about my own salad, not yours!" And another man that worked there just walked in and called my mother a racist, which she is far from one. My mother got upset and said, all I said was I can understand spanish, and if you wish to talk about us talk about it in english.And she said for that kind of money, it's not worth it, and their attitudes were un-called for. And so we left, but I had to walk back in to get my keys that I left on the table, and they were telling some other customers that just walked in that my mother was racist, and discriminating, which was totally untrue, and VERY unprofessional for them to be telling other customers, and they said she was just mad because her lettuce was brown. You bet I called and reported that.

I have reported it to Better Business Bureau, and I reported them to health services for serving rotten produce. I have never had that bad of customer service in my life.

Monetary Loss: $14.

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